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Crab leggs, mussles, and clams close up
Loaded Tzaziki Fries with straight fries, shredded chicken, tzatziki, cucumber, and tomatoes
An array of artisan donuts from Glazed n' Confused
Two fried chicken pieces on a big square waffle with hot sauce and syrup
A small reuben sandwhich
Loaded Dream fries from Pita Dream. Friesm chicken shawarma, and a tomato cucumber salad all barely visible under a lot of garlic mayo, dream sauce, and hot sauce
Two flights of beer varying in hues of orange, red, brown, and dark black

Be Happy. Eat Plenty.

let's eat together!

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Trying new places with new faces is our motto. With members of all ages who share a love of food, there's not need to be shy! We meet two or more times a month. Come see what it's all about!

ultimate foodie experiences

Exclusive Events

From private brunches to intimate cocktail pairings, Syracuse Eating Club works directly with chefs and business owners to craft unique and memorable dining experiences.

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Want to know where we have been and where we want to go? Check out our bucket list. Drop a suggestion if you want to add to the list!

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Hoodies, tees, v-necks, gym tank tops, long sleeves, and beanies! Our apparel comes in many colors and have a great mix of comfort and quality.

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