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Alicia Cuadrado

Foodie, entrepreneur, strategist

I am a food blogger, influencer, community leader, social media strategist, and business operations consultant. In 2019, after graduating from Babson College having studied management and entrepreneurship, I committed myself to the foodie scene by starting Syracuse Eating Club. I have since gained a wealth of knowledge regarding social media best practices, food marketing, community organizing, and networking. I am connected with over 100 restaurant owners, vendors, and influencers in the CNY region. My clients work with me to strengthen their digital marketing strategies, establish necessary organizational infrastructure, and increase their bottom line.

Outside of the foodie world, I am a freelancer specializing in project management for organizational consulting firms. This work has given me the tools necessary to develop and implement strategic plans around operations, administrative logistics, and organizational structure.



Social Media

Exclusive Events


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  • Private Club Events

    • You can partner with me to host a Syracuse Eating Club exclusive event. In the past, we have booked private brunches, dinners, and tastings with restaurants during their off hours. This can function as a ticketed, set menu, or reservation-based a la carte menu.

  • Club Meetings

    • ​Syracuse Eating Club organizes 2+ events each month. If you partner with us, we will host our meet ups(s) at your restaurants for a small, scalable fee. This partnership can resulting in 10 - 40 additional covers for the night, depending on your needs and our group sizes.


Social Media Marketing

  • Sponsored Giveaways

    • This is a great option that will give your brand access to the @syr_eating_club audience. Giveaway campaigns can be designed to increase follower count, increase engagement, encourage user created content, or accomplish other online goals.​

    • In campaigns designed to increase followers, one can expect a 70 - 150 follower increase

  • Story Spotlight

    • High quality engaging Instagram stories that feature your brand. A typical campaign will receive 700 - 1,000 views and 400+ active engagements (i.e. poll answers, sticker clicks, shares)​

  • Feed Post

    • High quality post or post on the @syr_eating_club feed. Typical posts yield a reach of 2,000 to 8,000​



  • Marketing Strategy

    • Grow your business and refine your digital marketing strategy. My services include:

      • Establishing a digital marketing strategic action plan; a hardcopy customized strategy, goals, metrics, and post-engagement follow up

      • Social media account management​

  • Administrative Strategy

    • Smooth out your operational logistics and establish a concrete set of business norms, practices, and administrative systems. My services include:​

      • Building administrative infrastructure (i.e. customer feedback response protocol)​

      • Business plan development

      • Contract editing and negotiation

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