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Is Your Favorite Restaurant Overrated?

Just this past week, I accidentally sparked my most controversial thread: most overrated vs. underrated restaurants in the Syracuse Area. I let the followers of @syr_eating_club weigh in via Instagram stories. There were many laughs, heated (friendly) debates, and the discovery of some hidden gems. Read through all the submissions below and let me know which ones you most agree and disagree with in the comments. Don't forget to make your own votes in the polls below.


The top eight most overrated restaurants, according to 76 submission, are Dinosaur BBQ, Pastabilities, Margaritas, XO Taco, Heid's, Original Grain, Francesca's Cucina, and Twin Trees. It is fair to say that restaurants with the most public fame and notoriety are bound to be "overrated" by locals. All this means to me is that we have some great spots that help shine a spotlight on Syracuse--but they are also spots we locals have likely been to more times than necessary. Below, I have listed the remaining overrated submissions in no particular order--with one exception. Dosa Grill is at the bottom of this list because it has absolutely no business being on it. Dosa Grill will forever be a sacred gem of this area.

  • Rise n Shine

  • Limp Lizard BBQ

  • Funk n' Waffles

  • Cider Mill

  • Stella's Diner

  • Mother's Cupboard

  • Tully's 12

  • Beer Belly Deli

  • Lemon Grass 12

  • Acropolis

  • Clinton Street Pub

  • Crazy Daisy's

  • Blarney Stone

  • Pavone's Pizza

  • Glazed and Confused

  • Modern Malt

  • Kasai Ramen

  • Apizza Regionale

  • Alto Cinco

  • Otro Cinco

  • San Miguel's

  • Secret Garden

  • Ichiban

  • Santangelo's

  • Dosa Grill


The top eight most overrated restaurants, according to 76 submission are Erawan, Mi Casita, Pita Dream, Second Chance Diner, Riley's, Limp Lizard, A Mano, Red Chili. If a restaurant gets the most votes for being underrated...does that actually mean they are the least underrated?! Delicate matters such as these can be so arduous to navigate. Jokes aside, I think the @syr_eating_club followers did a tremendous jobs exposing underrated and well-deserving restaurants in our area. Below, I have listed the remaining underrated submissions in no particular order. Well, almost no particular order...

  • Dosa Grill

  • The Brine Well Eatery

  • Eva's European Sweets

  • Syracuse Halal Gyro

  • Boulangerie

  • Pewter Spoon

  • Beer Belly Deli

  • Utica Pizza

  • Tres Primos

  • Indian Grill

  • The York

  • Mariachi Mexican Restaurant

  • Francesca's Pizza (Liverpool)

  • Phoebe's Restaurant and Coffee Lounge

  • Ethioeritrea Restaurant

  • Apizza Regionale

  • Pronto Fresh

  • Today's Special

  • Vietnamese Noodle House

  • The Hops Spot

  • Camino Real Mexican Restaurant

  • Ale and Angus

  • Meier Creek

  • Panchito's

  • Chelsea's Restaurant and Bar

  • Hope Café

  • Aloha Japanese Bento

  • Habiba's Ethiopian Restaurant

  • Liverpool Fish Company

  • Spoon and Chopsticks

  • Epicuse

  • Gilda's

  • Funk n Waffles

  • Anything But Beer

  • Pavone's Pizza

  • The Fish Friar

  • Western Ranch Motor Inn

  • Carmelita's

  • Bull and Bear

  • Skytop Coffee

  • Rice & Tea Kitchen

  • TK Tavern

  • Margarita's Mexican Restaurant

  • Mi Casa Grande

  • Ray Brother's BBQ (Hamilton, NY)

  • Hieros

  • Sweet Praxis

  • Layla's Authentic Spanish Restaurant

  • Creole Soul Café

  • Esquina Habanera

  • Azteca Mexican Grill

  • Darwin on Clinton

Time to vote.

Below are a few restaurants that made it onto both lists. Help us settle the score:

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