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Secret Menu Item: Kiki's Authentic Greek Food edition

This menu hack is gluten free, optionally vegetarian, and a hefty work of magic. Here is how to order it:

  1. ​Order the Tzatziki Fries. They will ask if you want the full order. I said yes, not knowing how massive it would be. It was enough fries for two or three people!

  2. Ask for either grilled chicken or gyro meat on top. This is an upcharge of a mere couple dollars. I went with grilled chicken to keep it gluten free. Omit this step to keep it vegetarian.

  3. Ask for your veggies of choice. I went with cucumbers, tomatoes, and skipped the onions. I love onions but I thought raw onions would overpower the meal.

  4. Ask for feta on top.

  5. Ask for a small side of Greek dressing if possible. I did not do this but I think it would have enhanced the vegetables greatly if I mixed a little dressing with them.

Boom! This gigantic container of Greek style loaded fries should come up to about $13 and feed at least two people. This is so worth it from a cost stand point! As for the food, I quite liked it but there was some room for improvement. The fries are easily some of the best in the area. The Tzatziki sauce has a perfect consistency but could of used just a bit of salt. The lack of salt worked well with the fries but it was lack luster on its own. The chicken was lightly seasoned but was still good and, along with the veggies, made the dish feel healthier. All together it was an epic meal and--somehow--tasted even better when I finished it cold later that night!

Comment below if you would try this secret menu item. If you do, let Kiki's know The Syracuse Eating Club sent ya!



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